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This is how Jason increased his direct site traffic from 0 to 50k in one year

published7 months ago
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Hey Reader!

Email marketing is not about being “salesy” and getting people to buy your products.

It’s about building real, authentic connections with people and fostering a community that provides these people with valuable solutions to their problems.

And this was certainly the case with one of our clients, Jason, who wanted to uplevel his email marketing to connect with his audience and provide them with his tried-and-true recipes from his food blog, RecipeTeacher.

While his site is getting nearly ONE MILLION page views each month, he knew his email marketing strategy was lacking.

He said —

Through the Duett Debut, we worked with Jason to create a strategic email marketing plan to introduce him and his recipes to new subscribers automatically — ultimately helping people make easy, fool-proof meals they can trust will be delicious.

So how did this change things for Jason?

Here is what he had to say:

Not only that — Jason’s direct traffic to his site has increased exponentially:

If you want to get your email marketing in place where you are building solid connections with people and providing them valuable resources too, check out my services page to learn more about how I serve our clients at Duett.

If you’re like Jason, and you’re ready to build something strategic with your email marketing, we should talk. Book a discovery call with me here and we’ll hop on a quick call to make sure we're a good fit to work together.

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