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Is this the next step for your email marketing?

published9 months ago
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Are you looking for an email expert to review your setup, your messaging, your tags and segmentations — or all of the above? I have only three slots for my Email Marketing Audit available from now until the end of August. If you’re curious if it’s a good fit for you, click here to book a call with me!

So Reader...

Are you looking to get the MOST out of your email marketing but aren’t sure where to start?

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Maybe you ​​want to do a better job building relationships with your email subscribers.

Maybe you’ve neglected your list for a while, so you're not even sure WHO your audience is anymore (Who is my email audience? What do they like? Do they even like me?).

Or maybe you want to better educate your new subscribers about your existing content, products or services (so they know what great stuff exists in your community).

Good news! I can help you do that!

With my two-week Email Marketing Audit, I'll take a deep dive look inside your email service platform. I'll review your subscriber engagement, technical setup and overall messaging to provide you with a list of changes or recommendations — including copy changes and technical suggestions — for moving forward confidently into the next phase of your email marketing.

You’ll walk away with strategic, conversion-focused recommendations for how to improve your email marketing immediately.

Who is it for?

The Email Marketing Audit is perfect for bloggers and business owners who are wondering how to measure the success of — and improve — their email marketing.

From reviewing the email platform you use and how it’s organized, the copywriting and content shared in your emails, to providing suggestions on how to further connect with your subscribers through automated sequences…. I look at it all!

I’ve helped DOZENS of content creators and bloggers learn more about their readers and followers so that they could move forward in their email marketing journey and watch their businesses grow.

Here’s what two of my clients had to say about their experience with the Audit:

🥳 Helping clients optimize their email marketing makes me so happy! You’re already creating and sharing amazing things — now we need your email marketing to make it easy for new subscribers to consume that goodness (and boost your revenue and site traffic!).

If you want to better connect with your subscribers and optimize how your email marketing operates — start by booking a free call with me to discuss if the Email Marketing Audit is right for you.

I only have three Audit spots available between now and the end of August. So if you’re curious about what an Audit can do for your business, don’t hesitate to book a call with me soon.

Let’s Duett!


Think an audit might be a good fit for someone you know? Forward this email to them, or tell them about it! A friend of yours is a friend of mine. 😊