Write your first welcome sequence

Email marketing is fundamental for creating and maintaining relationships with new leads, whether you're a service or product-based business. Use this 5-part framework to make a meaningful & lasting first impression.

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This simple, 5-part framework will provide clear steps to write Your First Welcome Sequence (with ease)

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    Allea Grummert

    Email Marketing Strategist & Conversion Copywriter

    Who am I?

    I'm an email marketing strategist & copywriter who helps online business owners make a killer first impression through automated welcome & nurture sequences that engage readers, build brand loyalty and optimize conversions for sales and site traffic.

    In this guide, learn how to:

    • Identify the tone and direction of your messaging
    • Confidently introduce yourself to new subscribers
    • Determine what to share with all new subscribers
    • Organize all of your ideas before you start writing
    • Stop overthinking and put your ideas into action